On the basis that the reorganization of the former Northeast Expressway Co., Ltd. was approved by State Council and examined by China Securities Regulatory Commission, Heilongjiang Transport Development Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Harbin City of Heilongjiang Province on March 1, 2010. The sponsor shareholders of the company are Heilongjiang Province Expressway Group Co., Ltd. and Huajian Transportation Economic Development Center. They hold 49.19% and 17.92% of the share separately. The registered capital is RMB 1.2132 Billion Yuan. On March 19, the stock of the company was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange. The stock code is 601188. The main business is the investment, development, construction, operation and management of expressway. It is also a large enterprise under the provincial management which combines the real estate industry, the physical distribution and transportation industry, the advertising industry and the import-export industry together.

The total assets of the company are RMB 3.117 Billion Yuan, and the net assets are RMB 2.308 Billion Yuan. There are 454 employees at present. It is the only listed company in the traffic system of Heilongjiang Province. The core assets of the company include Ha-Da Expressway (100% of equity) and Ha-Shang Expressway (48.76% of equity). Ha-Da Expressway is 132.8 kilometers long. The toll income of 239,000,000 Yuan was actualized in 2009.

After Heilongjiang Transport Development Co., Ltd. was established, the company set up the complete corporate governance structure and the scientific and reasonable management system according to the requirements of modern enterprise system. Under the great attention and strong support of the Party Committee and the Government of Heilongjiang Province, the company will carry out “the strategy of four diversities”, take active part in and make contribution to the construction of “ten big projects” and “eight big economic zones” of Heilongjiang Province, and operate with good faith. With the concept of steady development, the company will accelerate the pace of integration, growth and expansion, improve the sustained profitability, provide generous return for all shareholders, and promote the local economic and social development.